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    Chinese wines are gaining international reputation as we write these lines, and we are dedicated to take you closely to the country's best wine regions to witness this discreet yet exciting revolution. Not only China offers world-class wines, the landscapes and environment found in the areas where they are produced are absolutely unique and found nowhere else. 

  • Ningxia

    One of China's most sparsely populated region, home to astonishing mountainous and desertic landscapes, as well as some of the best wineries is the whole country.


    Immerse yourself into the region's rich ethnic diversity and explore some of the highest vineyards in the world, located between 2000 to 3000 meters of altitude.

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    This Spring, be ready to access wineries and secret locations you may normally not be able to, wander around in high altitude surrounded by vigorous vines, and live privileged moments with local winemakers who devoted their lives into making some of China's finest nectars.


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    French wine tours



    With more than 2000 years of winemaking history and a reputation as a leader in fine wine production, France keeps in its cellars some of the world's most sought-after bottles and is home to a soil where grapevines often achieve their finest expression.

  • Across the country

    Our French Wine Tour is an extended 12-day heavenly visit of the legendary wine regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, before ending this epic journey in Paris.

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    Follow us and understand France's best-kept wine secrets, meet with renowned winemakers, access prestigious wineries, eat at the table of remarkable chefs, appreciate the beauty of nature and the nobility of local architecture.


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