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  • French Etiquette


    We consider etiquette as a precious toolkit accessible to anyone seeking to shine in society by being a more thoughtful and gracious person. More specifically, etiquette can be used in occasions such as a formal dinner, a business meeting, a gala event or a social gathering, in order to appear as an outstanding individual, at ease in any situation.

    Participants who take part in our etiquette training typically include luxury brands representatives, upscale hospitality personnel, sales managers, MBA or Master's students, teachers and more.

    Using French etiquette as a reference and inspiration to build up a more courteous and elegant behaviour, our training also explains local specificities that are relevant in other Western countries.


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    Dining etiquette

    Table manners from A to Z, an essential part of a successful business meal or an important gala dinner

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    Social etiquette

    Socializing made easy, from self-introductions to conversation and gifting etiquette, to simply boost your social IQ!

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    Business etiquette

    Master the art of respectful business interaction and negotiation to make your next meeting a success


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    Dress for success

    Leave a great first impression by wearing the perfect outfit and be chic in any situation

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    Modern chivalry

    Chivalry is still alive! Learn daily courteous gestures to be applied in the 21st century, not in the Middle Ages

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    Association of etiquette experts

    Hedonia is a proud member of Cercle International des Experts en Etiquette Française, the first association uniting French etiquette experts, offering professional training to hospitality schools, diplomats, luxury brands and high-performance companies in France, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle-East, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


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    France office: 14, rue des Casernes 31400 Toulouse