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  • Chinese Etiquette


    The Chinese and Western mindsets are very different in many aspects. In order to navigate more easily in China, one should understand these differences, experience them and embrace them, to reach better social integration and to achieve commercial success.

    Our training follows a step-by-step process, in order to understand historical background and Chinese core values first, to better introduce modern China behavior patterns, culture and manners. Combining theory and practice, this training will open a wider door onto Chinese business culture, leaving participants with a solid understanding of Chinese etiquette, and higher chances of success on the local market.

    This training is particularly suitable for international companies looking to develop their business with China, expats who wish to deepen their understanding of the local culture and international Master's or MBA students.


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    The Chinese mindset

    Understand how Chinese people think and behave, what values they pursue and how these are deeply rooted in modern society

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    Business culture

    Learn how business relationships are initiated and maintained over time with Chinese people

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    Dining etiquette

    Be aware of the formal rules of conduct to adopt during a typical Chinese banquet or business meal

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    Customs & traditions

    From festivals to social customs, develop your knowledge of the local culture, which will be greatly appreciated by Chinese people


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    Association of etiquette experts

    Hedonia is a proud member of Cercle International des Experts en Etiquette Française, the first association uniting French etiquette experts, offering professional training to hospitality schools, diplomats, luxury brands and high-performance companies in France, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle-East, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


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