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    The Art of elevated moments


    At Hedonia, we consider life as a magnificent journey to be enjoyed to the fullest every day, and we believe that moments shared with others give this journey its flavor. It is by considering these moments with special care that we make them more precious. How about: Appreciating the aromas of wine, instead of just drinking it? Not waiting for a special occasion to dress up? Looking at each other with a smile and celebrating the little things in life? Making the most out of these moments is an Art; an Art that is the very essence of our mission.


    Founded in 2018 in China, with French "Art de vivre" at the core of its identity, Hedonia is the first institution of its kind to provide professionnal training in both etiquette and wine. Two worlds that often meet in our lives: on the dinner table, during important celebrations or social settings, and which both certainly convey similar values of fellowship, refinement, elegance and savoir-vivre.


    We serve prestigious companies from the luxury, hospitality or education sectors who receive our training to polish the image of their employees, improve the quality of their service or simply to enjoy a moment of pleasure and enriching entertainment. Our courses are also opened to the public, with activities planned monthly in our training center and venue partners.


    Finally, and following a constant desire to build bridges between Western and Eastern cultures, we organize intimate, lavish wine tours in France and China, for small groups of travelers looking to enjoy with us what life has best to offer.


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  • Our team


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    Matthieu Ventelon


    • Certified etiquette & wine educator
    • WSET Level 3 Award in Wines (WSET School of London)
    • China representative of French etiquette experts association CIEEF
    • Trained a total of 5000+ professionals
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    Xu Xiaotong

    Business Development

    • Holds a Master of Wine Management from Burgundy School of Business
    • WSET Level 2 Award in Wines
    • Extensive experience in events planning
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    Luo Ying


    • Holds a Master of New Media Studies from Cardiff University
    • WSET Level 2 Award in Wines
    • Extensive experience in content creation
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    Alice Roche

    Etiquette educator

    • Fashion, culture, lifestyle & music KOL
    • Ambassador for luxury brands and Bordeaux wineries
    • WSET Level 2 Award in Wines
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    Benjamin Birot

    Wine educator

    • WSET Level 4 Award in Wines
    • Representing wineries from Loire Valley, Rhône and Languedoc
    • Judge at multiple wine competitions
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    Echo Zhou

    Wine educator

    • WSET Level 4 Award in Wines
    • Product director at Taste Spirit & curator of Terroir Symposium
    • Judge at multipe wine competitions
  • Contact us

    For any business cooperation or general inquiries about our services, please leave us a message using the form below:

    China office: Pavillon de Paris Room 239, 215000 Suzhou

    France office: 14, rue des Casernes 31400 Toulouse