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  • Luxury & Hospitality


    Luxury and hospitality standards evolve everywhere around the world to meet the requirements of an evergrowing high-end clientele. How to ensure the satisfaction of such demanding customers? Through excellent, flawless service, and the attention given to the slightest details in the image displayed by your teams.


    Our goal is to give your employees the keys to polish their behavior and manners in every step of the customer journey, to meet the standards of the luxury industry and the excellence of your brand.


    This training is particularly suitable for luxury brands representatives, upscale hospitality personnel and hospitality schools students.


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    Service etiquette

    Learn the art of hosting, polish your body language and speech, and make your customer feel special with gracious manners

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    Professional grooming

    Develop an impeccably-groomed image with appropriate attire, accessories and optimize your daily routine to get ready for the job

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    Table service

    Master the rules of table service from dressing the table to taking orders and serving dishes professionally

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    Wine service

    Learn and practice how to recommend and introduce a wine label, how to open and serve a bottle and all gestures a sommelier should be familiar with

  • Please contact us to receive the detailed training content and a customized proposal tailored to your needs

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    Association of etiquette experts

    Hedonia is a proud member of Cercle International des Experts en Etiquette Française, the first association uniting French etiquette experts, offering professional training to hospitality schools, diplomats, luxury brands and high-performance companies in France, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle-East, Hong Kong and Mainland China.

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    Wine education

    Hedonia is an official Approved Programme Provider (APP) of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in Shanghai, China. Courses are delivered by professional wine educators from France and China, making Hedonia one of the very few centers in China offering WSET programs in both English and Chinese.

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    You would like to book a training for your company or for yourself? Please contact us using the form below:

    China office: Pavillon de Paris Room 239, 215000 Suzhou

    France office: 14, rue des Casernes 31400 Toulouse