• Hedonia – Course Registration Policies

    Hedonia Culture Consulting Co., Ltd (Suzhou) policies are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

    1. Complaints and appeals

    If the student has a complaint or appeal, the student should contact contact Miss Xu via email at xu.xiaotong@hedonia.cn or by phone call at 15862360428. Complaints remain confidential and will not prejudice the student.

    2. Privacy and data protection

    When registering to a course, the student’s personal information will be passed to Hedonia. This may include name(s), date of birth, gender and email address, as well as health or additional information to support reasonable adjustments or special consideration.


    Hedonia’s Data Protection policy are in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

    3. Special Consideration

    Special consideration is an action taken after an assessment to allow candidates who have been disadvantaged by temporary illness, injury, indisposition or adverse circumstances at the time of the assessment to demonstrate attainment.


    Special consideration will not give unfair advantage over candidates for whom special consideration is not being applied, or alter the assessment demands of the qualification as detailed in the applicable Specification.


    A candidate may be eligible for special consideration if:

    • Attendance to the course is affected by circumstances beyond the control of the candidate. This may include recent personal illness, death of a relative, accident, or bereavement;

    Candidates who want to pledge a special consideration must contact Hedonia within 10 working days of the course date for which special consideration is being sought. Contact should be made to Miss Xu at xu.xiaotong@hedonia.cn or by phone call at 15862360428. Refer to data protection policy for how any personal data will be handled.

    4. Cancellation and refund

    A. Refund : Hedonia will in principle not refund paid tuition. However, in the case of Special Consideration situations, refund is possible. In such case, the student who presents a Special Consideration situation should contact Hedonia before the start of the course and express the wish to cancel the course the student has previously registered to and paid for. If the Special Consideration is confirmed by Hedonia, Hedonia will offer the student a choice between a full refund or a change of date for the course. Extenuating circumstances will also be taken into account.


    B. Change of date : Hedonia will also allow the participant to change the date of course with a notice of 15 working days before the beginning of the course.
    If the change is asked after this period and until the beginning of the course, the change of date will cost 25% of the training’s price per person.
    Once the course has began, there is no possible change of date, and the training price will be have to be paid.


    C. Cancellation of course : Hedonia has the right to cancel the course, with a notice of 15 days; the participants will be transferred to a future session that suits the participant’s availability.


    Cancellation and refund requests should be addressed by the candidate to Ms. Xu by email at xu.xiaotong@hedonia.cn or by phone at 15862360428
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