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What is the best type of wine opener ?

It depends on the person using it !

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Although we see screwcaps sealing an ever increasing number of wine bottles, corks are not going to disappear any time soon.

Today, we show you the major styles of wine bottle openers so that you can find out which one is the best fit for you !

The waiter’s friend

This is the most professional, but not the easiest one to use. It requires practice in using its small knife to cut the foil or when applying leverage to pull the cork out of the bottle without breaking it.

Steps :

1. Cut the foil under the ring

2. Remove the foil

3. Turn the screw in, not the bottle

4. Hook the first notch and pull up

5. Hook the second notch and pull out

The T-shaped opener

The is the oldest one, as well as the simplest of all. Screw it in the top into the cork, then use use your strength to pull it out.

Stuck the bottle between your laps and pull !

These corkscrew are hard to use, but the loud « POP » will definitely be rewarding for yourself and entertaining for your guests !

The Ah-so opener

If you don’t know what is this object, you would never guess it is to open a wine bottle, hence its name, from the German « ach so ! » meaning « now I understand ! ».

This is the safest tool to open older bottles with delicate corks. Insert first the large prong between the cork and the neck of the bottle, then the smaller prong next. Once both prongs are all the way in, twist and pull slowly to take out the cork.

The winged corkscrew

This one is nicknamed « Charles de Gaulle » in France, as when its two wings are up, it reminds the famous gesture of the former French President addressing his audience.

Sadly, this type of corkscrew is much less reliable than Général de Gaulle when he ruled France. The screw part often shreads apart the cork or does not go deep enough, requiring extra effort to pull the cork out.

The electric opener

Push the button, the drill goes down, and then pulls out the cork. So easy ! But a bit embarrassing if you don’t want to appear lazy. However, that’s definitely the perfect choice for the elderly or those suffering from hand handicaps or injuries.

The Chinese restaurant opener

If you like bringing your own wine to the local Chinese restaurant, you have probably already met this opener. It looks trivial and is very cheap, nonetheless quite clever.

Turn the upper T part to sink the drill into the cork (1), then grab the lower part and turn it in the same direction (2). This will pull out the cork without much efforts.

There are definitely other supposedly technology-advanced, complex-looking wine openers, but our advice is : don’t waste your money on them !

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