• Hospitality Training


    Hospitality standards evolve everywhere around the world to meet the requirements of an evergrowing high-end clientele. How to satisfy this type of demanding customers? Through excellent, flawless service.


    Our goal is to give our customers the keys to offer the best experience to their guests by all means, to make them stand out from their competitors.


    Our customers include high-end beauty salons, restaurants, hotels, hospitality schools and more.


    Customer Experience

    From welcoming to sending farewell, learn how to make your guests feel special and increase their loyalty

    Table Service

    We help you enhance the quality of service in your restaurant and reach the highest standards

    Wine Service

    A training designed for sommeliers, from introducing a wine label, to opening the bottle, serve wine, and more


    Association of etiquette experts

    Hedonia is a proud member of Cercle International des Experts en Etiquette Française, the first association uniting French etiquette experts, offering professional training to hospitality schools, diplomats, luxury brands and high-performance companies in France, Eastern Europe, Russia, Middle-East, Hong Kong and Mainland China.


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