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We are often asked the question « until when can I drink this wine » ? Well, the answer is, « it depends… »

It depends on many factors : the grape variety, the region of origin, the winemaking... Today, we list the most famous PDOs (Protected Designation of Origin) from Europe and give you an estimation of the ageing potential for each one.

What does a wine need to age ?

For white wines, the ones with a higher acidity level will have a longer ageing potential (Chablis, Sancerre…). A high level of sugar also helps to protect the wine over time (Sauternes, Late-harvest Riesling).

For red wines, acidity also plays an important role, just as tannins, which provide the structure to red wine, and which will get smoother over time.

However, a high acidity level, strong tannins or high sugar level is not enough for a wine to age well. The most important remain the quality of the grapes that served to make the wine. They need to be ripe and healthy to give sufficient concentration and balance to the wine.

Our wine ageing potential chart

This list we gave you today is non-exhaustive. If you need an estimation about other wines, send us a message !

How to keep your wines

Storing your wines properly requires four rules : keep the bottles on their side, keep them away from light, keep them at a constant temperature (12-15 degrees) and constant humidity level (55-75%).

How do you meet such conditions ? Either you own an underground cellar under your house, or you invest in a wine refrigerator to put at home !

Don’t forget, most wines are meant to be enjoyed young. But for the best ones, you now know you can wait a little before popping out that cork !

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