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Where to place handbag when dining out

· French Etiquette

Dear ladies, one of the most common questions we receive from our customers is « Where should I place my handbag at the restaurant ? ».

Don't worry Anne, we will give you the answer !

In fact, there are several elegant options offered to you, depending on your handbag’s style and the venue environment. Let us be your guide !

Never on the table

Handbag and phone on the table : definitely a faux-pas !

First of all, let’s remind it is totally inappropriate to put a handbag on the table. Even though yours is beautiful and expensive, it is considered very rude. Furthermore, because you often place your handbag in various public places, it is not hygienic.

When carrying a daytime handbag

Daytime handbags are rather large handbags in which you can carry many things. For such hangbags, the ideal will be to lay it on an empty seat next to you. However such space is not always available.

A second option would be to hang it on the corner of the back or the arm of your chair, if your bag handle’s permits it. Bear in mind that this might not be so safe to do in touristic cities and areas.

But in the case that the chair has a rounded-shape back, you would have to place it on the floor next to your feet, or under your chair if the space is limited, like in small Parisian cafés, to leave it out of the way of waiters.

In very high-end restaurants, they might even provide a chair for your handbag !

As we assume you don’t really like the floor option, you might want to buy one of the most convenient tools ever invented : a purse hook ! Carry it in your bag, open it and hook it over the edge of a table to keep your bag off the floor.

When carrying an evening handbag

Evening handbags are smaller than your daytime handbag, can be carried inside the hand and can also be called clutch bags. Even though they are small, don’t put them on the table, this still is not the right place for them.

Due to theirs mall size, they should not be placed on the floor as they could be lost if someone kicks in it. Instead you may place it behind your back when seating. It will not take a lot of room and you can still sit with a proper posture.

If you don’t want to place it behind you on your chair, you may also lay it on your laps under your napkin. But this might not be very convenient if the dinner lasts for a long time.

We wish you an elegant and wonderful day !

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