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The secret to avoid lipstick stains on your glass !

· French Etiquette

Lipstick certainly looks good on lips, but quite gross on glassware. Have you ever felt awkward leaving such a trail on your glass at the end of a meal ?

Is there a more elegant way to drink without leaving a smudgy mess ? Well, yes ! And we are about to tell you how.

Use a straw

If people use straws to sip on cold cocktails during summer, why would not that be possible with wine too ? Don’t matter those people staring at you when you do so, at least you’ll have a much cleaner glass than them !

Drink from the bottle

Why embarass yourself with a glass when you can drink directly from the bottle ? That’s what ladies with guts do. Furthermore, nobody else will want to drink from the same bottle and you can have it all by yourself !

Use a porrón

Don’t you know this Spanish traditional wine pitcher that allows everyone to drink without touching it with their lips ? Bring one with you next time you go out dining, you will impress all your friends and can claim it is eco-friendly since no glasses will have to be washed.

Wait… are these serious tips ?

April fool ! Do not trust anybody today, not even us 😘

We can feel you are disappointed as you really wanted to know the secret to avoid lipstick on your glass. Let us give you some real tips now !

Use a lip primer

Prior to the application of lipstick, create a flawless base on your lips with a lip primer, a lip liner or foundation. This will help increase the longevity of your lipstick as well as prevent transferring to glasses. After applying lipstick, blot with a clean tissue paper.

Lick the glass

You read it right : before having a sip, discreetly lick the rim of the glass where you want to drink from. As water and fats don’t mix, it will help prevent lipstick stains. Humidifying your lips with a bit of saliva before drinking will also help.

Place your lips inside

This last tip is very efficient but requires slow movement and practice. Instead of placing your lower lip outside the glass when drinking, place it inside and gently take a small sip. Be careful, if you go too quick, you might spill red wine on your clothes !

We hope we have not scared you too much with our first three tips. We promise, we will not fool you again until next April !

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