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The 12 most common fashion mistakes men do.

Don’t be one of them!

· French Etiquette
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Making efforts to dress properly is a great thing, but in order to really look good, a gentleman should pay attention to every detail.

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Let’s review together twelve mistakes that are seen too often on the streets, so that you can avoid them all in the future. Let’s suit up !

Wearing black suits

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Unless you are an action movie actor or part of a boys band, avoid black colored suits. They don’t go well with other colors and are generally reserved to waiters, drivers or for funerals. Instead, chose a navy, dark grey or grey colored suit.

Buttoning all jacket buttons

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Suit jackets look better fastened when standing. And many men have the wrong habit to fasten all buttons. Remember to always close the upper button only and to leave the lower one unbuttoned.

Wearing a visible undershirt

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Undershirts are like any other underwear, they should be invisible. When wearing one under your shirt, make sure it doesn’t appear visible to avoid a cheap kind of look.

Wearing too long trousers

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Overly lenghty trousers form an accordion shape above your shoes which is not desirable at all. Instead, the proper length falls right above your shoe, or at ankle-level for a more stylish look.

Wearing white socks

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These should be purely reserved for your sports activities and are guaranteed to ruin any outfit, especially when wearing a suit or dark jeans. Instead, chose a dark blue or black color.

Wearing too long sleeves

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This is a common problem with non-tailor-made suits. Just remember that the right length for your jacket’s sleeves should stop at wrist-level and allow 1-2 cm of your shirt to poke out.

Closing the shirt’s top button

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This is acommon mistake seen among younger men. When you are not wearing a tie, make sure that you leave one or two buttons open, but not more !

Keeping things in the suit pants’ pockets

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Suit pants are meant to look fitted and neat. Also, they are more fragile and can change shape with time. For the best look, keep your phone, keys or wallet in a business bag or in your jacket’s inside pocket.

Undoing shirt buttons with a tie

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Unless it is 2AM and that you are rocking the gala party’s dance floor, keep your tie knot tight around your neck with all buttons fastened for the most elegant and professional style.

Wearing a tie with wrong length

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Speaking of ties, be aware that they should fall right onto your belt’s buckle. Certainly not above nor below that level.

Wearing matching ties and pocket squares

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It is surprising that brands still sell matching sets of ties and pocket squares, made of the same fabric, color or pattern, and even more surprising that somemen still buy them ! Be more subtle than that.

Untucking your shirt with a suit

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Unlike casual shirts, dress shirts are designed with extra length so that you can tuck them into your pants. And when wearing a suit, you should always keep it that way.

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The list could actually be longer, but we will stop here for now. Follow us on WeChat for more tips on proper etiquette and wine culture !

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