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Posing tips to look your best in photos

Tips on how to pose like a model

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Have you ever posed in a group photo with your friends or simply yourself in front of a photographer and had no idea what to do?

Then keep reading! In this article you will learn some tips coming from models and professional photographers on how to pose elegantly in photos!

General tips about your posture

Anytime you are posing – and in life in general – make sure you stand straight. For this, imagine somebody is pulling a thread from the top of your head! Another general guideline, roll your shoulders back. It gives you stature and proper bearing.

When posing, while standing or seating, avoid crunching your body like a tiny ball. Instead, extend one leg or one arm, to capture more space around you. This gives you more presence.

What to do with your hands?

First of all, you don’t want to look like a toy soldier resting your arms down and straight along your legs.

An easy thing to do to avoid awkwardness with your hands is to use an item and do something with them. For example, holding a clutch or a glass, giving the photo a dynamic look.

You could also have one or two hands in your pants’ or jacket’s pockets, which, again, gives you an attitude.

If you have no item with you and no pockets, well, you could play around with your arms, crossing them or gently touching your hair or face.

Try to create some empty space (through which we can see the background) in your pose, for example by bending at the elbow or having your hand on your hip to form a triangle. This will accentuate your curves.

What about your hips?

You will notice that TV hosts or model never completely face the camera with their body.

Instead, put your body at an angle and your weight on your back hip, with one foot behind the other, then turn your face towards the camera. Bingo! You now have the most flattering silhouette.

Ladies, another way to avoid standing awkwardly in front of the camera is to shift your weight from side to side, on your left or right hip.

A final tip

We all like pictures that look natural and dynamic. You know what models do? The fake walk. Have your friend shoot you while you are walking two or three steps forward and see the result!

Now is show time. Your turn to shine!

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