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Lipstick manners you should always remember

Can I apply lipstick at the table?How to avoid lipstick on the glass ? We have all the answers you need !

· French Etiquette
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This is a question we often get from our ladies followers : « do you think it is acceptable to apply lipstick in front of others ? » Our answer is, it depends.

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As often in the etiquette world, it’s all about the context. Find out below our etiquette tips when it comes to lipstick application, as well as our tips on how to avoid stains on your glass !

Lipstick in a public place

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A classy woman never gives away her beauty secrets in public while in the company of other women or men

In general, personal grooming should be done in private for the simple reason that it can be annoying for others. In the subway, on a public square or in the park, keep that in mind.

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Grooming should stay within the private sphere. Furthermore, if the train brakes, your make-up is ruined !

Thus, applying makeup of any kind should be avoided in public. This is especially true if you want to use a compact mirror to apply lipstick or other makeup, which is considered inappropriate. Instead, prefer the bathroom.

Lipstick at the restaurant

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There is a sense of mystery to beauty that is lost when we choose to reveal such details in public in front of others

If you are eating with close friends or relatives in a normal restaurant, quickly applying lipstick at the table would be acceptable. When doing so, do it discreetly and without the use of a mirror – a trick which requires training before mastering it.

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We said without the use of mirrors…of any kind !

On the other hand, when having a business dinner or when eating in a 3-star restaurant, you definitely don’t want to apply it publicly. Instead, excuse yourself and take the direction of the bathroom.

Lipstick on your napkin

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Leaving such marks on your host’s linen napkins will probably get you removed from the invitee list the next time !

If invited at somebody’s home for a formal dinner, you might expect nice table linens, fragile and expensive table accessories and hand-embroidered napkins. Since your host might not have the same strong laundry products that restaurants have, favour a light lipstick application.

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Dab your mouth gently to avoid ruining your lipstick and use the top layer of your napkin to avoid dirty your dress

In restaurants, you don’t really have to worry about it, as they are well aware their customers wear lipstick. They generally have excellent laundry service and can handle a variety of stains.

Lipstick on your glass

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While lipstick stains on napkins are tolerated, they definitely don’t look good on glasses. As it is of very bad manners to leave these marks after drinking, here are a few tricks to avoid them :

- Discreetly and quickly lick the glass before you take a sip (fats and water don’t mix)

- Before taking a sip, gently wipe off the lipstick surplus with your napkin

- Apply a lip liner or a lip primer prior to the application of lipstick and blot with a napkin paper after

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