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How to wear high heels

Let the high heels highlight your feminine elegance

· French Etiquette

Heels are always an iconic symbol of elegant women. In fact, in early European society, high heels are not made exclusively for women. Louis XIV, the Sun King, was a fanatic of high heels and liked to wear red-soled heels with the sun logo to make him look more svelte and taller.

Since then, high heels have gradually evolved from a sign of power and nobility to a sign of feminine confidence and elegance.

This week, why not let the high heels etiquette help you maximize your glamorousness?

How to select a pair of high heels that suits you?

There are three common foot types: Greek foot, Roman foot and Egyptian foot. The second toe of the Greek foot is longer than the others and is suitable for pointed heels.

The Roman foot looks like an arc and a pair of diagonal or round shoes would be the proper choice. As for the Egyptian foot, the lengths of five toes are equivalently the same and could normally go for round-toed or square-toed shoes.

When having the intention of purchasing high heels, make sure to try them on in person. It’s not suggested to buy heels directly online or pick their size based on the size of your flats or sneakers.

Measure the length of the foot and ensure there’s still space for toes. Too tight heels will produce pain while heels that are too loose will cause your foot to slide up and down.

How to walk elegantly in high heels?

It requires higher standards for postures when walking in high heels. We’ll have to straight our backs, let our head in line with spine and stretch the shoulders back. Keep the arms at your side and slightly swing them back and forth while walking.

Wearing high heels shortens the strides. Therefore, taking small steps makes us look more graceful and will help to maintain the balance. Take the step slowly. Don’t rush! Give yourself plenty of time for walking in case of the occurrences of accidents such as tripping.

High heels require you to put your soles down first, then your toes. You’ll look more natural in this way.

Imagine yourself walking on a straight line when walking in high heels. This helps to enhance your silhouette and create a lopsided posture.

Don’t lock your knees. Instead, slightly bend your knee when landing to avoid the impact on your back.

When is the perfect time for wearing high heels?

It is appropriate to wear heels under any circumstances, from walking on the streets to attending an important meeting, from having afternoon teas with friends to shining at a cocktail party. 4cm is the ideal height as it makes you feel more comfortable while walking.

Wearing heels every day can affect the shape of your foot. So it is suggested to carry different types of shoes and wear them in terms of different scenarios. For example, you can wear flats on the way to the office, change to heels for an important meeting and to thinner heels for a party at night. 

Opt for a pair of classic and elegant high heels and let yourself shine among crowds with confidence!

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