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How to wear a pocket square

· French Etiquette

Pocket squares are great accessories that can enhance your outfit... or break it.

These decorative piece of fabrics that go into the gentleman’s breast pocket can be very elegant when worn properly.

Today, we will teach you how to confidently and successfully wear a pocket square, no matter the occasion !

Don’t buy pre-folded pocket squares

Don’t be so lazy. You will lose all the fun of folding them yourself ! Furthermore, they just look cheap.

Don't directly match your tie and pocket square

Although you might think this is an easy way to coordinate your outfit, it is definitely out of style.

The purpose of the pocket square is instead to compliment your outfit by contrasting or harmonizing with other elements.

Match colours in a smart way

Choose a secondary colour from your shirt or tie as the primary colour for your pocket square.

Reversely, if you are wearing a plain tie, use its colour as the secondary colour for your pocket square.

Don't overload the patterns

Patterns combinations are tricky and wearing too many can look a bit odd.

Ensure some elements of your outfit are flat colors so that your pocket square can shine out in a good way.

Don’t choose it too small

Make sure your pocket squares are over 30cm x 30cm, especially if they are silk-made, as anything smaller is likely to slip down and disappear into your pocket.

Match your fold to the occasion

For formal occasions, stick to a fl

For formal occasions, stick to a flat fold, or one or two peaks fold, preferably of white color.

For more casual occasions, you can use a puff fold, or a reversed puff fold.

Don’t fold it too perfectly

Folding your pocket square a bit loosely creates a nonchalant and charming elegance. When too neat and symmetrical, it looks like a pre-folded one and that’s never stylish !

Pocket square also look great without a tie

Pocket squares can also look great on a more casual outfit and adds a stylish touch to an open shirt and jacket combination.


Now it’s time to go to your favorite tailor shop and do some pocket square shopping. Soon you’ll never want to leave your house without wearing one !

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