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How to give a business card?

Yes, business people still use them

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Although WeChat has replaced business cards for many people in China, they are not something of the past !

Today, let’s take a look at a few etiquette tips on how to give, how to receive and when to give a business card !

Why it’s important

Business cards are an extension of yourself, used not only to give other people your contact information, but also to make a good first impression.

Offering a neat, nicely designed business card will definitely make you look like a professional and reliable person, while being unable to return a card when someone else presents hers to you is always a source of embarassment.

When to give your card

Always carry several cards on you in a good-looking card holder. When you are going to attend a trade show or a networking event, prepare them in bigger amounts. For a simple business meeting, prepare at least one for each participant. You may offer it at the beginning of the meeting when introducing yourself if you are meeting for the first time.

When attending bigger events where you randomly meet new people, initiate a conversation first, and ask permission to offer your card at the end to keep in touch. Don’t be that person distributing cards to everyone in the room without even talking for a bit.

How to give your card

In China and other Asian countries, business cards are given and received with both hands, as a sign of respect and courtesy. In the West, don’t be offended if someone uses only one hand to give you a card, the habit is simply different.

When offering your card, make sure you show it the right direction, with your name facing the person, in order for the other to avoid flipping your card to be able to read it.

How to receive a card

When you receive another person’s business card, always take a moment to take a look at it, you may compliment about the design and especially remember the name for the conversation later.

In a business meeting, that’s helpful to leave the person’s card on the table in front of you, if you suddenly forgot the name, take a quick look at it again. But don’t forget to take it with you when leaving the room !

Never put a card directly in your pants’ pocket (especially not the one in the back) or bag, but instead place it into a card holder to show that you care.

If you are receiving a card but don’t have one to offer, apologize and explain you just ran out of cards. Offer to exchange WeChat and to send a digital version instead.

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