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How to eat foie gras properly ?

A typical end of the year delicacy

· French Etiquette

The end of the year is coming, together with the delicious feasts enjoyed during Christmas and New Year's Eve !

One of the typical delicacy enjoyed in France during these festive meals is foie gras, made with duck or goose liver, which can me served under different forms : terrine, « poêlé » or mousse…

Foie gras is a gastronomic, delicate and often expensive product, which deserves respect when eaten. Today, let’s remind a few etiquette tips on how to eat foie gras !

When to serve fois gras

Foie gras is typically enjoyed before the meal, during « l’apéritif », under the form of a terrine, for guests to enjoy with toasted bread.

It may also be served as a starter, as the first course of a meal, either fried (poêlé), as a terrine or a mousse.

How to serve fois gras

For terrine, place your can in the fridge at least 2 hours before eating. It should be served cold with warm toasted slices of bread, eventually with a fruit chutney on the side.

To prepare your foie gras terrine for your guests, cut about 1cm-thick slices using a sharp and smooth-edge knife. Before each slice, run the knife under hot water and dry it for a neat cut !

As for fried foie gras, it is usually served with caramelized apple, duck magret or simply with a toasted bread.

How to eat foie gras

Now, how to eat foie gras the proper way ? Use your knife to cut a small piece of it and lay it on a toasted slice of bread, then bring to the mouth and eat them together.

Never spread foie gras on the bread, otherwise you would lose its firm and creamy texture !

If available, add a bit of fruit chutney on your foie gras as it pairs very well with sweet-sour items. You could also add a few grains of crunchy sea salt for the texture.

What to drink with foie gras

The most traditional wine pairing is Sauternes, the lusciously sweet wine from Bordeaux using noble rot affected grapes. Another great fit is champagne, dry or half-dry, depending on your preferences. Its fine bubbles pair extremely well with the fattiness of foie gras.

Finally, a dry but rich white wine from Burgundy or the Rhône valley (Puligny-Montrachet or Condrieu) or a Gewurztraminer from Alsace will also be a delight with foie gras.


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