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Foods to avoid on a first date

· French Etiquette

First dates are always exciting but also a bit stressful. And we certainly want to make a good impression, don’t we ?

To make things easier, here’s a suggested list of foods that should be better be avoided on a first date.

Lobster and crayfish

It’s a bit hard to look at someone romantically while they are sucking that crayfish head or ripping the pincer apart with bare hands…

Corn on the cob

We all know what happens after we nibble on that corn : it gets stuck in your teeth. With a fork and knife you could politely cut corn off the cob, but if you don’t have, just don’t eat it.


For the same reason previously stated : it will end up stuck in your teeth ! By the way, if this happens to your date, simply and discreetly tell him/her, you will be thanked for that.


It's not « Lady and the Tramp » ! We all remember that romantic scene from Walt Disney, but spaghetti needs us to proceed slowly to avoid dropping that tomato sauce on our clothes.

Soup noodles

They can be delicious, but we never look good « slurping » them. It’s noisy, hot, we have to bow low to eat them, so yes, it’s better to save them for another time !

Chicken feet

These can get pretty messy, with their little bones and skin to suck in, and might even require using hands at some point. Not the best idea.

Burgers bigger than your mouth

Try to bite into it and you’ll end up with greasy sauce on your face and hands ! You might want to use a fork and knife if you really want to have it.

Spicy foods

Some of us can handle them, but many can’t ! They can cause sweating, make your eyes watery, and that is not so cute.


Either you are in the crowded Xinjiang barbecue restaurant or enjoying pork ribs at a garden party, you will in both cases leave the place with a strong smell of meat and smoke in your clothes.

Raw onions and garlic

Unless you have strong mint candies to save you after eating those, avoid them, or you will certainly have bad breath for the rest of the night.

Now what could you order instead ? Bite-sized foods like dumplings, sushi or penne pasta, chicken breast, rice dishes, tapas and of course, a piece of cake to share at the end !

Click on the image to see some mistakes to avoid !

As a last note, if you did order one of those tricky foods on your first date, it’s not the end of the world. It can also be a fun topic of conversation and can help breaking the ice !

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