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Etiquette tips to shine on a date!

Decent etiquette makes a perfect date!

· French Etiquette

On a first date, we all want to make a good impression, don’t we? As always, proper etiquette can be of great help here.

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Ladies and gentlemen, pay close attention, those tips will help your inner beauty shine out!

Should I arrive on time? 

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Yes, you must! The person who proposes the invitation should arrive first, and certainly not late. Are you arriving together? Gentlemen, don’t forget to hold the door open for the lady!

Pulling the lady’s chair

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This is perfectly suitable for romantic occasions and will show a gentleman’s chivalry. But keep in mind that it’s not appropriate for business meals. Also note that in fine dining restaurants, the waiters would often take care of it.

Where to sit

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A typical Parisian brasserie, with a couch on one side and a chair on the other

When you’re ready to take a seat, note that the person who invites should leave the comfortable seat to the other. Usually, gentlemen would leave the couch to the lady or the seat with a view.

Ordering food

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Bear in mind that there are foods which are definitely not flattering for a date and might cause embarrassment, such as crayfish, spinach, soup noodles, chicken feet or garlic. 

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The above foods could be funny icebreakers, but going for safer dishes like dumplings, sushi, chicken breast or salad would be easier to eat and let you focus on the conversation! 

Ordering wine

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The key is to ask for the other person’s opinion. You might plan to buy the most expensive wine to show off, but are you sure this will satisfy the other person’s taste and pair well with the dishes you both ordered?

Putting your phone away

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Here’s one simple etiquette tip we tend to forget nowadays. Don’t be that rude person leaving it on the table. Instead, put it away and give your full attention to the other person. 

Being active in the conversation

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You have to literally engage yourself into this date. Ask questions about the other person and attach more importance to it than what you have to say about yourself.  Be an active listener and maintain your eye contact. Don’t forget to smile! 

Showing polite table manners

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Nope, not like this!

Great, the food is served! But don’t be in hurry and wait that both of you are served to begin. Remember how to hold cutlery properly, avoid making noises and swallow your food before answering any question!

Showing respect to the people around you

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In addition to the person you’re dating, you should also be kind and polite to the people around you. For example, offering a genuine smile and a “Thank you” to a waiter are details that will show your decency and impress the other.

Who should pay for the bill?

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Typically, the person who initiates the invitation is expected to pay for the bill. Is it still the man nowadays? Well, a gentleman could take care of the bill for the first date but a lady could definitely invite the next time in return!

Being considerate

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Try to select an activity or venue that he or she will enjoy, compliment the person if you notice the extra care put in an outfit or makeup, or send a message later to ask if the person went home alright. Always show that you care about the other person’s feelings!

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With those tips in mind, we are sure you’ll be giving the most thoughtful version of yourself on your next date. Good luck!

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Founded in 2018 by Matthieu Ventelon, Hedonia is the first institution in China combining professional Wine and Etiquette expertise in the same training offer.

Find more information on our website :

Founded in 2018 by Matthieu Ventelon, Hedonia is the first institution in China combining professional Wine and Etiquette expertise in the same training offer.Find more information on our website :