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Do we still practice social dancing today?

From the 16th century until today

· French Etiquette

Waltz, swing, salsa, rock’n’roll… do you think those types of dancing are a thing of the past ?

Well… you might be surprised. Although they might not be as commonly seen as during the 16th century, they still bring joy to many people today. Let’s see how !

The Origins

Ballroom, the general name given to social dancing, is a set of partner dances that are enjoyed socially and competitively around the world.

Ballroom, also called « danse de salon » in French, takes its origins during the French and Italian Renaissance period (15th-16th centuries).

This kind of dancing was considered the one for the privileged men and women, opposing folk dancing for the lower classes, although boundaries between genres were often blurred.

One of the most popular ballroom dance back then was the menuet, which was danced by the King of France Louis XIV at the court of Versailles.

Another major influence in ballroom was the waltz, a dance where the dancers held each other closely, often seen in Austria then in England since the 18th century.

Social dancing today

Today, ballroom is not reserved to the privileged nor to the most formal events and is today still practiced all around the world.

Original ballroom styles such as waltz have been since then completed by swing, rock’n’roll and other latin styles such as tango, salsa or cha-cha.

These modern styles are the most popular social dances today, practised in dance schools, gala parties or weddings around the world.

A few etiquette tips

At a social event where music is played and a floor is available for dancers, it might be your time to shine – if you do know a few dance steps. Here are a few things to keep it mind.

  • Both men and women can ask others to dance. Just extend a hand and ask with a smile.
  • If you don’t feel like dancing, decline politely.
  • Dance at your partner’s level – make them feel and look good.
  • Don’t blame your partner for a wrong move – laugh about it and move on.
  • Thank your partner for the dance at the end of the song and escort off the dancefloor.


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