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Chinese Fine Wines Ep.3 : Red wines

Discover four premium Chinese red wines that will blow your mind!

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Chinese fine wines will bring you to explore amazaing wine world every week

What better way to start the year than opening a high quality bottle of Chinese red wine ? In this long awaited episode 3 of “Chinese Fine Wines”, let me help you select some of the best domestic red wines !

Cabernet Sauvignon originates from Bordeaux and is today the most planted black grape variety in China, and in the world

As you may know, Cabernet Sauvignon is largely dominating the red wine offer in China. However, as a curious and adventurous wine lover, I like to track original wines and novelties.

Lionel in a Chinese wine tasting in Beijing in 2019

This is why I have selected for you 4 unique and premium red wines made in China. Let me show you the way !

A word on Pinot Noir in China

Pinot noir originates from Burgundy in France and excels in cool climates

Let me start with a word about a grape that is dear to my heart : Pinot noir. Because of its fragility, producing a decent Pinot Noir requires patience, in-depth knowledge of soils, climate, intense work in the vineyard, meticulous winemaking and wise use of wood barrel. It is the most delicate and demanding grape !

Pinot noir during “véraison” : in the summer, color changes from green to red

As far as China is concerned, the first generation of domestic Pinot noir dates back from 2005-2006 with some very encouraging vintages. Still at experimenting level, you will find most Pinot Noir labels in NingXia, HeBei, Gansu, ShanXi and ShaanXi.

Pinot noir grapes from Château Chanson in Ningxia

As the Chinese Pinot noir vines are still young, there is a long way to go towards excellence, but the wines available those days are actually providing a lot of pleasure !

A word on Cabernet Gernischt

Cabernet Gernischt, also known as Carmenere

This grape used to be very popular in China in the middle 1980s. DNA studies proved it to be the same as Carmenere, a Bordeaux grape now exiled to Chile due to Phylloxera.

Cabernet Gernischt is considered as China’s flagship black grape variety

I have tried many but never found a Cabernet Gernischt wine that made me dream. They are usually over extracted and wood aging is not quite wellcontrolled, ending up with greenish peppercorn, tart to “burnt tire” finish. But those times have changed !

Lionel’s favorite Chinese red wines

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Our wine expert Lionel has selected four domestic red wines coming from four different regions across the country. Expect very unique styles in each one of them !

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Xinhuibin Estate, Chateau Chanson Pinot Noir, Helan Mountain East, Ningxia, China, 2017

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Let’s start “en chantant”, which is French for “sing a song”, with this Pinot Noir from Chateau Chanson. There is certainly a strong bound between wine and music, as both provide us with strong emotions. And the Chateau Chanson project is all about demonstrating this bound, starting from the label design which shows a Chopin’s partition.

Château Chanson winemaking team : Bordeaux consultant Patrick Soye, Wang Ping Lai and Gao Yuan

This sizable estate winery (165 ha and 134 planted) released its first vintage in 2017 although they were producing grapes since 1997, sold to other wineries. Most of the vines exceed 20 years old mark ! They also produce a great Cabernet Franc, which happened to be a “beautiful” mistake, as per the owner’s words

Suggested retail price : 268RMB
WeChat official account :

XiaoLing Estate, Cizhong, Yunnan, 2017

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This wine project started in 2014 in Yunnan's Tibetan moutains. There are 3 vintages released to date (2014, 2015 and 2017). 2017 saw the launch of its second label named Nuages. It is made of a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and a slight portion of Cabernet Gernischt. It is very supple, complex and balanced. A must try !

Winemaking duo at XiaoLing Estate : Sylvain Pitiot and Mu Chao

XiaoLing is a special wine, from grape to glass. It is an altitude wine; grapes are sourced from four villages from 2,300m to 2,700m of altitude. It is fully hand made from picking to bottling and labeling (even hand crushed).

Clos de Tart is a famous Grand cru in Côtes de Nuit, Burgundy

The winemaker duo, French Sylvain Pitiot (formerly of famous Clos de Tart) and Mu Chao is very dynamic and complement each other.

After a happy harvest in the vineyards !

This project is led by a Franco-Chinese family and has a high social responsibility input in a sense that many local farmers are involved in it and XiaoLing aims at improving the life quality of its local partners and their families.

Suggested retail price : 788RMB

Where to buy : Contact us

Château Silkroad, Cabernet Gernischt, Xinjiang, 2016

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Located in Xinjiang, Chateau Silkroad is nestled in a little paradise on hearth. It is surrounded by lavender fields, mountains and blue sky ! At 1,400 meters above sea level, the Ile River and mountain chains provide a microclimate, which combines the right conditions for grape growing under cool Mediterranean climate.

Li Yong, Château Silkroad’s owner

With such conditions, a strong emphasis is put on organic farming and biodiversity. The result is quite convincing. This beautiful Cabernet Gernischt is structured and complex, shows pungent black fruit aromas and well-balanced oak integration. Much better than the old days Chinese Cabernet Garnischt style. Well done !

Suggested retail price : 780RMB
Official Taobao : 丝路酒庄官方店

Domaine Franco-Chinois, Réserve Marselan, Huailai, Hebei, 2014

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Domaine Franco-Chinois is at the forefront of the modern Chinese wine industry. Their 23 ha are planted with 6 different grape varieties, some 10 y.o. vines and an average of 58,000 bottles produced per year. Just recently, vintages 2014 and 2015 were made available for purchase, which is the proof that DFC is all about dedication, patience and a quest for perfection.

Zhao Deshen, winemaker of Domaine Franco-Chinois

In China, Marselan has first been planted in 2001 and has become a sort of flagship grape since. It is a crossing born in South of France between Cabernet sauvignon and Grenache noir.

A tasting of DFC at 2019 China Wine Summit

DFC Marselan Reserve is simply the best Marselan I have ever tasted. I like to call it a meditation wine in a very dynamic way, with a hint of mischievousness. If your budget allows it, this is a unique experience to try.

Suggested retail price : 1200RMB
Where to buy :Contact us

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Bare in mind that the premium Chinese red wine offer is quite diverse. Those four wines from four different regions and grape varieties are just a glimpse of it !

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Now let us wish you again to fully enjoy the new year 2020, pronounced “2000 vins” in French and translated into “2000 wines”. You got it, this year will be full of wine !

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