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Body language tips for business meetings

First impressions matters !

· French Etiquette

Did you know that more than 50% of communication is nonverbal, related to the image you give of yourself, rather than the words you say ?

That’s why proper body language in a business meeting can tremendously help to display a positive and professional attitude. Let’s see how !

Where to keep your hands ?

When you are standing, take them outside your pockets and lay them on your laps or join them together.

When you are sitting, lay your hands gently on the table, with a pen and a piece of paper to take notes.

Don’t cross your arms as it makes you closed and not open to discussion. The same goes with crossing your fingers.

How about crossing legs ?

Crossing legs while standing should be avoided as it shows a lack of confidence or a certain reticence to engage with others.

When sitting, both men and women should avoid the « figure four leg clamp », which is where the ankle is pulled over the knee, as this indicates a dominant or stubborn attitude, resisting to debate.

Sitting with legs crossed is both acceptable for men and women during a casual discussion while sitting on couches or comfortable chairs, but is not appropriate during a job interview or a formal business meeting.

Ladies, avoid the « double cross » position which makes you look insecured or shy.

On the other hand, an elegant and appropriate position would be the « parallel legs » one, which shows confidence and attractiveness.

For formal business meetings, the best remains to sit with both feet on the ground with legs uncrossed.

Be careful with nervous gestures !

Cracking fingers

Playing with your pen

Tapping your fingers on the table

Playing with your hair

Shaking your leg…

Try to pay attention to these few tips during your next business meeting, they’ll definitely help you on making a better impression !

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