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8 tips for attending a wine event

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The history of wine tasting is as old as its production. More recently in history, especially since the 18th century, wine tasting methods have become more elaborated, following a certain sense of ritual.

The tastevin was a popular tool in the 18th century for winemakers to taste wine

Nowadays, in large cities in China and around the world, wine tasting events are held on a monthly basis. They may be trade shows, wine dinners, wine course, blind tasting and more.

ProWine, one of the largest wine trade shows in China, is happening right now in Shanghai

Since the autumn season is pretty busy with this type of events, we thought it would not hurt to remind useful tips on how to make these a great experience for yourself and the others. Ready to taste ?

Dress code

Dark colored clothes can help to cover wine stains that accidentally spilled. Carrying a bag or wearing clothes with deep pockets is more convenient for keeping a notebook and pen - remember you have just one hand free since your other hand is holding a glass ! Ladies, tie your hair back so you can spit easily.

Avoid wearing fragrance

Smell is an important consideration in wine tasting. Wearing perfume will guarantee to disturb your tasting experience – and the people around you - as it will strongly alter the wine aromas, making it more difficult to appreciate them.

Make a plan

This is relevant especially for trade shows. As there are so many wines, you won’t have enough time to taste them all. This requires to make plans in advance before going to avoid wasting time and energy. Decide ahead of the show which countries/regions you want to visit. You may also decide to plan your visit based on grape varieties or wine styles.

Try tasting blind if possible

Try to taste a wine first before looking at its label. This way, your personal quality assessment won’t get biased and you will bring an objective judgment on the wine. With practice, this will also make you better at guessing a wine’s region, grape varieties or age.

Take notes

Take photos of the wines you like and write notes of your instant feeling after tasting. Follow a systematic approach : observe the wine’s appearance first, then sniff it and identify its aromas, and finally sip on it to appreciate its balance, flavour profile and finish. If you don’t keep a record, there is no way you will remember all those wines’ characteristics at the end of the day.

Remember to spit

A good taster moves the wine in the mouth, breath air in, then spit it out in a bucket. Not only this will help to keep a clear mind and sharp senses, the fact of spitting also enables stronger retronasal olfaction.

Beware of "red wine teeth"

The wine-teeth dilemma is a problem for every red wine lover. Bring a disposable tooth brush or gum with you for after the wine event, especially if you have other plans later – unless your next destination is a Halloween party !

Talk to professionals and ask questions

We’re looking forward to meeting you at one of these great wine events, and even more at one of our upcoming wine courses !

Founded in 2018, Hedonia is the first institution in China combining professional Wine and Etiquette expertise in the same training offer. Since the beginning of our journey, we have taught wine culture and gracious manners to more than 2500 individuals and professionals from the luxury

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