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8 etiquette mistakes to avoid at the table.

Follow our guidance to make a good impression !

· French Etiquette
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Do you know the rules of cutting into food ? Or the etiquette of offering a toast ?

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Clearly Ron did not read our articles before !

Today, we share with you 8 mistakes that you MUST avoid in France as well as in other Western countries. Let’s eat in a mannerly way !

Blowing on your food

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Is your soup too hot for you to drink it ? Do not blow on it. Instead, wait a couple of minutes for it to cool down. You can also use your spoon to stir in and help lower the temperature.

Lifting your plate

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No plates or bowls shall be lifted from the table to be brought to your mouth, even for soup. Do not lean your plate neither to grab the last mouthful of it.

Cutting bread with cutlery

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In Christian cultures, bread traditionally represents the body of Christ and using cutlery to cut it would thus be hurtful to him. When a slice of bread is served to you, always use your hands to break it.

Adding salt before tasting

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Do you want to imply that your host can’t season a dish and suit your taste ? Always taste the food before adding anything to it. Then, if needed, you may add some salt to it afterwards.


Cutting pasta with a knife

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Even though spaghettis are rarely served in formal occasions, eating them properly is important. Like the Italian, just roll them around your fork and bring them to your mouth.

Cutting salad with a knife

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This rule is very important to the French who like to eat salad at the end of a meal. If the salad leaves are long, leave your knife in your plate and use a piece of bread instead to assist you in folding them.

Bringing cheese to your mouth using cutlery

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When eating cheese, use a knife only – no fork needed – to cut a piece and to lay it onto a piece of bread. Then bring the cheese and bread to your mouth.

Crossing arms when toasting

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Try it next time you share a meal with French friends : everybody would blame you for bringing bad luck around the table ! Wait for two persons to be done toasting so that you can toast with somebody on the opposite side.

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Raising your glass altogether is sometimes less complicated...

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