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10 things elegant ladies do every day

· French Etiquette

Every year on 8 March, we celebrate International Women's Day and dedicate that day to honor the achievements of women throughout history and around the world, and to band together to fight for gender parity and women's rights.

What would be the world without women ? Probably a very sad place. Today, let’s get inspired by the daily habits of truly elegant ladies, as a way to be better persons, as a way to show our power.

They let others take the spotlight in a conversation

They pay close attention when being spoken to by others, remembering their names and stories. When the conversation is too much about themselves, they switch to the other person by asking an open question. They maintain eye contact and smile.

They put away their phone

It’s the relationships you build with people that shape your life, not the last picture you just liked on social media. When at the dinner table or during a business meeting, successful women put their phone on silent mode in their handbag and allow their full attention to the people around.

They steer clear of gossip chains

Speaking on the back of someone who is not present is often the proof that you don’t have anything more meaningful to share. Gracious ladies do not spread gossip, as they know that when they’re actually the focus of the gossip, it's quite hurtful.

They accept help from men

Elegant women can be feminine and feminist at the same time. They accept natural gentlemen-like behavior such as opening the car door, pulling the chair out at the table or helping carrying a heavy luggage. This does not make them any weaker.

They don’t overshare on social media

Overexposing yourself online, posting your every thought, argument or new outfit is not endearing. The most elegant women attract other people’s attention by their mystery and modesty.

They keep a complete wardrobe

They dress differently when at home or at work, when dining out with friends or with customers. Dressing appropriately for every occasion brings you confidence and presence.

They do not brag

Humility is one of the most attractive quality. There is no need for everyone to know how much you paid for your Chanel bag or how expensive was your new car or appartment.


They show proper table manners

Truly elegant women know how to hold a fork and knife, they know how to grab a wine glass and to dab their mouth with a napkin. Showing a good image at the table makes them naturally more attractive.

They pay attention to grooming

People always judge you first on how you look, that is a fact. Successful women keep neat hands and groomed nails, take care of their hair and skin, keep minimum makeup to look natural, wear just enough perfume and not too much jewelry.

They don’t come empty-handed

When invited to visit other people’s office or home, they bring a cake, a bottle of wine or flowers to show their gratitude. Gifts are the most effective way to extend kindness to your neighbors, your colleagues and the people around you.

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