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10 daily habits of polite people

A kind etiquette rreminder to make the public space a better place!

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As French philosopher Voltaire beautifully wrote in one of his poems, « Politeness is to the spirit – What grace is to the face ». He implied that the modern citizen should deal honestly and kindly with others, including total strangers.

We all agree,this will NEVER happen!

And the closer our paths cross with others, the more important etiquette becomes to ensure a comfortable journey in the public space. Today, we remind you 10 tips which will help you to navigate the world in a gracious and mannerly way.

Entering a building

When entering the mall or the office building, hold the door to the person behind you if she is within a few steps away. Make eye contact and hand the door off. If foot traffic is high, you might be stuck holding the door for a bit longer, but it probably won’t take more than 15 seconds off your day !

In the elevator

Hold the door for others and ask what floor they are going if you are standing close to the buttons. Greeting « hello » while entering an elevator is expected in France, but this depends on how much you are comfortable with it !

At the museum

When pictures are allowed in museums, avoid walking through the line of sight and ruin someone else’s photograph. Also remember that taking a selfie in front of an artwork may be disruptive to others and disturb the experience of art.


On the plane

Avoid reclining your seat until sleeping time has come for everyone. When you are about to do it, make it slowly and mention it to the person behind. Nothing worse than a wine spill on your clothes because of a selfish and harsh seat recline from the person in front of you !

At the supermarket

When you are queuing at the cashier with your cart full of groceries, let the person with just one or two items to pass in front of you. This will only take 1 minute off your day and will make someone very happy ! Reversely, people will rarely say no if you ask politely the 1000RMB cart’s person to let you go first.

Under the rain

On the sidewalk under the rain, the tall ones should raise their umbrellas to allow the shorter people safe passage. Before entering a building or a bus, shake the water off the umbrella and avoid resting it on a chair or the others will get wet !

At the office

When your colleague looks great, occasionally and genuinely compliment the person (and avoid the annoying ‘You look tired.’). If done right, compliments are effective icebreakers, morale uplifters and builds you up as a thoughtful person.


In the subway

When you are close to the door on a crowded train, step outside of the train for a few seconds to let others out when the car stops in a station, then go back inside. A simple move that will save you and others a lot of trouble !

At the train station

Offer your help to people carrying heavy luggages in the stairs. This is usually done by gentlemen towards ladies, but can be done basically by any person who is in good shape and has free hands to another one who is obviously struggling.


On the escalator

Remember to stand on the right to let people in a hurry pass on the left. Also, keep your backpack in your hand if the escalator is very crowded, the person behind you will thank you for that.

In the park

Will you be planning a picnic in the park when spring shows up ? Great idea, as long as you don’t leave any garbage behind you and that you always clean up after your dog.

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